The SPIDOGLASS product range

The SPIDOGLASS benefits:

With SPIDOGASS you can do...

  • Grill panini and toasted sandwiches

    Crunchy outside and hot inside. The glass ceramic semi-transparent plates allow the infrared rays to reach the heart of the bread. Cooking times are reduced, but without altering the flavours.

  • Prepare Caesar Salad

    Thanks to the two plates the preparation times can be optimized by setting different temperatures. The drainage channel allows that the cooking fats do not remain on the plate.

  • Cook chicken wraps and piadinas

    The combined use of SpidoCook innovations allows you to perfectly cook piadinas and chicken wraps. Delicious and piping hot throughout.

  • Prepare Gourmet Burger

    Without using oil and condiments you get a health and tasty grilling result. Cleaning is easy, maintaining perfect hygiene conditions and limiting odours.



Slow-cook and hold oven


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