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Spidocook designs, develops and manufactures products for the professional cooking.

Technology, design and performance come together in the continuous search for professional solutions for the world of modern catering,
able to satisfy its constantly evolving needs.
Since 1993 our cooking systems have satisfied thousands of operators and professionals in their daily demand for quality professional solutions.
Today, with sales and deliveries in over 60 countries worldwide, SpidoCook is a truly global partner for all operators that are looking for quality professional cooking solutions.

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Spidocook focuses on diversity and uniqueness as new keys of invention in the design and creation of its products. The details make the difference and the differences reveal our true uniqueness. Spidocook products are designed to give you extreme practicality of use, versatility and excellent cooking results.


Spidocook interprets the economic and environmental efficiency of its operative processes as two sides of the same coin. The company is organized according to the principles of “lean manufacturing”: light, synchronized and perfectly timed production flows. Waste elimination reduces environmental and social impacts to a maximum, improving fluidity and rapidity of the supply cycle.

The environmental impact of Spidocook products is considered at every point of the life cycle, both at the start and the end of production. Spidocook uses materials that come from sustainable production and are easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Using all resources accurately and making more than 95% of the product recyclable means producing with maximum efficiency for today and for tomorrow.

Reducing energy consumption means first of all reducing the environmental impact of those that use our ovens every single day. In fact, Spidocook products allow you to save up to 30% more energy than traditional ovens. In addition, when compared to traditional cooking methods, the reduction in energy consumption is up to 60%. Higher energy efficiency means also economic saving for the user and great benefits for the environment.