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The product families Spidoglass, Spidoflat and Caldolux do not need a fume hood in the place where they are installed; whereas the Caldobake line does. It is always advisable to check with local authorities for validation.

It is not an aesthetic difference but a functional one. The transparent plate surface allows the majority of the infrared rays to pass through (20% contact cooking – 80% infrared cooking ), and therefor provides food external surfaces with greater crispness. The black plate surface is less transparent to infrared rays ( 80 % contact cooking 80% – 20% Infrared cooking), ensuring faster heating of the food core and a more uniform internal temperature.

Cooking low temperature does not mean cooking food to a lower internal temperature than is traditional. Low-temperature cooking refers to the temperature of the cooking medium, not the final temperature of the food being cooked. Low temperature cooking is defined as any cooking procedure where the cooking temperature is at or close to the desired final internal temperature.