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Spidocook strongly believes in comprehensive research and technological innovation to find solutions that improve the quality and performance of our customers’ cooking processes.

The shape of the heating filament ihas been specially developed to guarantee a uniform heat distribution over the entire plate, both in the centre and at the sides.

The filament reaches a temperature of 800°C, at which the emission of infrared rays occurs. The glass ceramic tops allow a pre-established amount to filter through, which reaches and warms the food directly at the core.

The SHB Plus technology quickly reaches a maximum temperature of 400°C on the plate, thus reducing thermal increase times by more than 60%.

Resistant to impact and thermal shock, impermeable to smells and tastes, it does not absorb the taste of food and allowsdifferent products to be cooked one after another while maintaining their tasete and fragrance.

Thanks to the non-stick features of the material, the smoke generated during cooking is greatly reduced and the cleaning operations are simple and quick, eliminating the risk of unpleasant odours due to food residues on the cooking surfaces.

SpidoGlass electric contact cooking systems significantly increase the heating speed of the plates without needing more power.

The high thermal insulation minimizes energy consumption during standby cycles, making the product always ready for any request without sacrificing the energy efficiency of your business.

Air is the medium for the heat transmission and thereafter the means to bake products.
The performance of air flow is fundamental to obtain uniformity of baking in all the points of the single tray and in all the trays. For this reason the air flow inside the chamber plays a leading role in the design of all SPIDOCOOK CALDOBAKE ovens. The AIR.Plus technology has been designed by SPIDOCOOK to obtain perfect distribution of the air and heat inside the baking chamber. At the end of the baking, thanks to the AIR.Plus technology, foods have a uniform external color and their consistency will remain intact for several hours.

The presence of humidity during the last phases of the baking of leavened products can compromise the achievement of the desired result. DRY.Plus technology allows the rapid extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber released by the food. DRY.Plus technology ensures the texture of the baked products, allowing to obtain a dry and well structured internal structure and a crisp and crumbly external surface.